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Celebration of Friendship

The drive from Glen Ellen, where I live to Santa Rosa along Highway 12 or Warm Springs is a scene of punch-in-the-gut devastation. So it is with gratitude now that the rains have begun, I already see tentative slivers of green rising through the burned out fields.

My only regret about my recent Celebration of Friendship party is that the hoped for guest of honor could not make it. Griff Lucia, (son of my assistant Theresa) for many years a volunteer firefighter, is now serving as a police officer in San Francisco. Griff took personal vacation time to return and fight fires in Sonoma, at times on ridges with fires raging on three sides. I raise my glass to toast his actions well beyond the call of duty. Next time you stand in line look around and know that heroes truly do walk among us.

I also want to thank all those who were able to attend the event to share stories and support for all of us who witnessed the scary and sometimes tragic times as professionals with air support and determined residents with nothing more than garden hoses and shovels fought to save our homes.

Sheila Deignan

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