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Thank You!

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First of all I want to thank all of you who expressed your support and friendship during the last two weeks of the tragic, devastating and heartbreaking firestorms that swept though our beautiful wine country. I am grateful to be back in our home in Glen Ellen. The dozen homes that line our lane were saved not only by the heroic, tireless firefighters, but by fiercely determined residents with garden hoses and shovels.

We spent the first night in the Safeway parking lot where the sense of camaraderie reigned in the midst of rumors, fear and trepidation as flames lit up the surrounding ridge lines. The following nearly two weeks were spent with various family and friends who opened their hearts and homes to us as we waited for word that we could return home.

It is gratifying to see expressions of thank you posted throughout the town to all the defenders of our safety. It is an expression of our shared best selves. More than ever it seems like the time is right to gather and celebrate friendship, so I have decided to host the appreciation party as planned in my earlier invitation. November 9, 5-7pm.

Please stop by if you can.

Sheila Deignan

Lic. 00944527